Thibaut Combines the Performance Attributes of Crypton Home with Livable Luxury in "Kaleidoscope"

Oct 2015

Kaleidoscope is a collection of Crypton Home fabrics designed for indoor use in residential interiors that combines performance attributes with sumptuous color and a soft feel. Created for family-friendly living, Crypton Home is designed to meet or exceed heavy-duty requirements in every performance category. It provides homeowners and designers with an indoor fabric that is both durable and stain resistant without sacrifi cing style, softness, and breathability. This collection features 10 patterns, each with its own unique splendor.

SUPERIOR STAIN REPELLENCY: Spills bead up. Stains are easy to clean. Odors don’t cling. Fabrics remain breathable. This technology also inhibits growth of bacteria. Unlike other after-market treatments that can affect the hand and color of fabrics with varying levels of success, Crypton Home is inherent to the construction of the fabric. Each fiber of Kaleidoscope fabric is encapsulated with Crypton Home’s technology during the development process. This protection is custom engineered to provide the best performance possible for the specific fibers and weave of each fabric, resulting in a long-lasting easy-to-clean fabric.

TESTED, TRUSTED AND PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: Backed with 23 years of expertise in performance textiles, Crypton is known for providing reliable, environmentally friendly and easy-to-clean fabric technology. Crypton technology was initially developed to meet the needs of the extreme challenges found in hotels, hospitals and healthcare facilities. Not every situation demands so much from its fabric. As a result, Crypton Home was developed to provide a soft and beautiful upholstery solution with extraordinary performance for residential applications.

EASY TO CLEAN: Most liquids simply roll off or can be blotted off the surface with a dry towel. For thicker substances, use a spoon to remove excess so the stain is not pressed further into the surface.

NATURAL FIBERS RETAIN SOFT FEEL: Crypton Home offers performance characteristics on your favorite yarns such as cotton, linen and rayon without sacrificing the fabric’s unique characteristics. With Crypton Home, fabrics are not limited to the use of a single fi ber to achieve their superior level of perfomance.

LONG-LASTING DURABILITY: All patterns meet or exceed 30,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs and California TB 117–2013. In addition, all fabrics must pass rigorous tests for pilling, stain and water resistance, fl ammability, and resistance to bacterial growth. Crypton Home is inherent to the construction and development of each textile and will not wear away.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Crypton Home technology:
• passes CA Standard Section 01350 for indoor air quality
• is GREENGUARD Gold® Certifi ed, helping to create healthier, more sustainable indoor environments
• uses Silver Ion technology that naturally deters the growth of bacteria
• is free of harsh or harmful chemicals
• does not affect its ability to be recycled

ENGINEERED AND WOVEN IN USA: All Crypton development and processing occurs in state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible facilities in North Carolina. In addition, all research and patented chemical formulations are developed and made in the USA.

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